Water Leys

Primary School

Year 6

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

As we approach Christmas, we have been joining the Pevensie children on their unexpected adventures in the land of Narnia. In class, we have been reading the book, delving into the language chosen (it was based in the time of World War 2) and using language devices like C.S. Lewis  to make our own writing better. 


We will be writing, letters, character description, setting description and dialogue to develop our stories all linked to the story. We have been developing our inference skills in reading through retrieval practice and vocabulary understanding.


In Maths, we follow the White Rose medium term plan. This breaks down the Year 6 Maths Curriculum into blocks across the three terms. 

We have started the Autumn Term with a focus on place value before moving onto addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This half term, we have started to tackle the trickier area of fractions. After Christmas, we will be linking with decimals and percentages.

Year 6 Maths Revision


If you'd like to practice some arithmetic, reasoning, times tables or any particular topic, then follow the link here to Genius Maths. It goes through lots of past paper questions and (even better for the grown ups!) a YouTube link to see someone talking through how you work out the answer if you're stuck!  



This half term's topic is one for the animal lovers...classification! We're learning how to be taxonomists (scientists who group animals and other living things). Watch this video on classification here 


An Invertebrate hunt - Using our keys to identify invertbrates on the school grounds



We have been using different sources of information to answer key questions about the Vikings. This has led us on to look at King Alfred the Great and investigating why he is the only English monarch to have 'Great' in their title.


Watch this video to find out why.


BBC Learning - Who was Alfred the Great?

© BBC. For further reading guides please follow the link: See more of our work at:



Artists have been trying to fool people for thousands of years using illusions. We have been using perspective and other artistic techniques to create our own artwork.

Our Diwali Doorstep Designs