Water Leys

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Welcome to Foundation Stage smiley


Hello! This is the class page for Class 1 and 2 in Foundation Stage.


On this page, you will find our; term planners, current topics and work the children have completed.


You will also find our weekly newsletter which is posted on Weduc each Friday. Please note, our weekly homework is included in our newsletter under the Phonics and Maths sections. 


Hello from Class 1! laugh



Hello from Class 2! laugh


Our current topics

Our topic in Spring 1 is Traditional Tales.


Week 1 & 2- The Three Little Pigs

Week 3 & 4- Goldilocks and The Three Bears 

Week 5- The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Week 6- Chinese New Year 



The Three Little Pigs 



You can watch the story here;


Follow this link to hear a song about The Three Little Pigs;


Goldilocks and The Three Bears 



You can watch the story here;


Follow this link to hear a song about Goldilocks and The three Bears;


The Three Billy Goats Gruff 



You can watch the story here;


Chinese New Year



Learn all about Chinese New Year by clicking on the following link;



Our Outside Area

Here are some pictures of our lovely outside area. 

We are lucky that Miss. Jefferies is currently doing an outdoor course called; Outdoor Learning Muddy Puddle Teacher. As a team, we have worked really hard to improve our outdoor area.  


Nature Table



The Fairy Garden 



The Construction Area



Natural Maths 




Autumn Nature Board 


The Bug Hotel 






Useful Websites


Here is a useful website that explains how we teach Maths in Foundation Stage 2; Early Number Sense.

It explains our use of repetitive teaching and learning to embed Mathematical concepts before moving onto new ones.

Follow the link below to watch the video.