Water Leys

Primary School


Summer 2

King Kong is a giant gorilla, a massive monster of an ape who lives on a remote island. His enthralling story involves battles with dinosaurs, daring rescues and incredible escapes - endless thrills lead up to one of the most famous climaxes of all time!

Our pupils will enjoy using this narrative to write their very own dilemma stories and explore the world of gorillas in captivity by writing a balanced argument. 




Summer 1

On a recent expedition to the Amazon, outdoor enthusiast Teddy Keen stumbled across a sealed metal container in a remote hut on the banks of the Jari River. Inside the box were tattered sketchbooks and survival notebooks by an unknown adventurer, full of details of their extraordinary adventures and escapes, expedition advice and survival methods.

Pupils will use the book to write a survival narrative and a guide to survive the wild! 




Spring 2

On a mean street in a mean city, a thief tries to snatch an old woman’s bag. But she finds she can’t have it without promising something in return – to “plant them all”. When it turns out the bag is full of acorns, the young thief embarks on a journey that changes her own life and the lives of others for generations to come. The Promise is the story of a magical discovery that will touch the heart and imagination of every reader, young and old.  The text will be used to encourage our pupils to reflect on a character's transformation in their very own character narratives and newspaper


Spring 1

All the elements are here for a thrilling tale: A gnarled walking stick, a missing boot, a neglected family portrait, a convicted killer on the loose, and the ancestral curse of a phantom hound. The great detective himself, Sherlock Holmes—with the help of Dr. Watson—has his work cut out for him in a dramatic mystery that will keep readers guessing until the very end. 

Our Year 5 pupils, will use the text as a stimulus to write their very own cliffhanger narratives and a formal written report about their investigation to Mr Sherlock Holmes, himself. 


Autumn 2

A young boy, bewitched by his father's unrelenting passion to fly; a desperate craving that absorbs his every waking minute, finds himself entranced by the dream. When his father goes to war and does not return it seems the spell is broken. Much later, the boy, now a young man finds himself drawn once more to his father's drawings and failed experiments. Finally able to make his father's dream a reality, he flies. Will his own son be visited by this unrelenting passion? The children will use this stunning picture-book to ignite their imagination when writing a setting narrative and a letter 
                                       to their father. 


Autumn 1 

'Where Once We Stood' captures the first-hand accounts of an extraordinary chapter in our history, when twelve human beings set foot upon the Moon. Combining a unique series of illustrations with the words spoken by the astronauts on the lunar surface, this book offers a rare insight into what it really felt like to live and work on the moon. This will inspire our pupils to write their very own accounts in their exploration narratives and formal reports.