Water Leys

Primary School


‘Working together, learning forever.’








Headteacher's Welcome


Welcome to Water Leys Primary School, a special place where we learn to work together and learn forever, where we care for each other, ourselves and our community.


I have been in post as Headteacher now for almost 8 years. During that time we have all embodied our school values and have had to overcome many challenges in order to continue to improve and enrich the lives of the children at Water Leys. The recent pandemic created the opportunity to reflect on what we really stand for as a school community. To this end, we have worked together to develop our five core school values.


At Water Leys school we  strive to embody  our 5 core values in all we do: Collaboration, Aspiration, Resilience and Enquiry. Underpinning these four values is our fifth and final value, to Care.


In all year groups, we teach the joy of learning, and the importance of knowing more and remembering more. We encourage our pupils to have a thirst for this knowledge and to have enquiring minds, to think and to question. At Water Leys, our expert teaching helps to create a desire to aspire to better ourselves. Together, in collaboration with all pupils, parents and carers and staff, we are working to ensure our children have all they will need for future success.


In leading our pupils through our curriculum journey, we  aim to equip our children with the resilience needed  to overcome the  challenges  they will face at Water Leys and beyond. As their resilience builds ,  we hope that our pupils will  be well placed to grasp the opportunities before them and to fulfil their aspirations. To have high aspirations, we believe our children need to know what is possible . We support them to do this through connecting learning and through learning more about ourselves and others.


Together we all embody the ‘CARE’ vision. Together we learn to care about others, ourselves and our wider community as well as the world beyond. Together we expect everybody to take care in all that they do.


If Water Leys School sounds like the sort of environment  you would like your child to attend, please do not hesitate to get in contact and arrange a visit.


Best wishes,

Mark Westmoreland