Water Leys

Primary School


Headteacher's Welcome


Welcome to Water Leys Primary School! We are a school that strives to continually improve. Since I arrived here in January 2015 I have never failed to be impressed by the commitment of the whole school community. We have a clear ethos where we all work together to better the life chances of all of our wonderful children.


Water Leys Primary School continues to go from strength to strength. In Foundation Stage 2 (FS2), the first year at Water Leys, our classes are oversubscribed. We firmly believe that this is because we offer all children starting school a rich and exciting beginning to their learning journey.


Following FS2, our children enter Key Stage 1 (KS1) having been equipped with the tools they need for further success.  In KS1 the curriculum is traditionally broad ,  balanced and ambitious. Subjects and topics are interwoven with skill so that pupils enter Key Stage 2 (KS2) with the knowledge and skills they need to be the best. This can be demonstrated by the fact that by the time our children leave KS1, the outcomes for all pupils are consistently good or better. 


In Key Stage 2, where our junior age children are educated, we skilfully build on what has gone before to ensure that standards across the whole of KS2 are at least good or better. This means that all children leaving Water Leys are well equipped to deal with the next stage in their education. 


All of the success I have highlighted above is only sustainable by striving to create a school community where children, staff and parental contributions are encouraged and valued by all. At Water Leys, we embrace change for the better and are continually trying to improve. We recognise that we may not always get everything right, but promise parents that we have children at the heart of every decision we make. That is what is truly special about Water Leys Primary School.


Whether you have a child at Water Leys, you are thinking of moving here, or your child will be starting soon, please have a look around our website to get a flavour of our wonderful school.


Best wishes,

Mark Westmoreland