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Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers


What is a ‘Knowledge Organiser’?

A Knowledge Organiser is a go-to document for a topic/unit of work: each one identifies the key information that children need to have learned by the end of a topic. It also acts as a tool to support children in retaining and retrieving knowledge for life-long learning.


How do they help teachers?
They are used as a planning tool- to identify the core knowledge that our children need to cover in the unit
• Key dates
• key people
• key events
• Key vocabulary and definitions, and key concepts- in ‘child-friendly’ language


How do they help children?

They provide the core knowledge that children need to cover in the unit shared at the beginning, so children know what they are going to be learning.

Knowledge Organisers help them to remember key dates, key people, key events, vocabulary and definitions and key concepts.

They improve children's ability to remember.

Knowledge Organisers help them to develop other skills- e.g. when writing a nonfiction report, if they already have the knowledge, they can focus on the writing skills.


How do they help parents?

Parents will have a better understanding of what the children need to know. They will enable parents to build on their knowledge at home and provide an easy tool for parents to quiz children at home (and children to quiz parents!)