Water Leys

Primary School

Who’s Who

Headteacher: Mr Westmoreland (Acting SENCO)

Mrs Goodwin: Deputy Headteacher and KS1 Leader 

Mr Wright: Deputy Headteacher and KS2 Leader 




Class 1: Miss Gilbride: FS2 Leader

Class 2: Mrs Benstead 

Class 3: Miss Jones 

Class 4: Miss Dodds and Mrs Grayson 

Class 5: Mrs Goodwin and Miss Weldon

Class 6: Miss Burrows

Class 7: Miss Clay

Class 8: Mrs Palmer and Mrs Crook

Class 9: Miss Campbell

Class 10: Miss McDonagh

Class 11: Mr Sellers

Class 12: Miss Perry

Class 13: Mr Morton

Class 14: Mrs Marshall and Mr Wright 

Support Staff:

Mrs Adams-Smith

Mrs Britt

Mrs Cameron

Miss Clarke

Mrs Deacon

Mrs Dennison

Mrs Fura

Mrs Gilbert

Miss Goddard

Mrs Hardwick

Mrs Harvey

Miss Hull

Mrs Jadhav

Miss Jefferies

Miss Lloyd

Mrs Loyal

Miss Maurimootoo

Miss McMahon

Miss Penlington

Mrs Penlington

Mrs Read

Mrs Rutherford-Walker

Mrs Smith

Miss Taylor

Mrs Titley

Mrs Vaghela

Miss Young

Office Staff:

Mrs Cooper - Office Manager

Mrs Brown

Mrs Cudworth

Miss Storey

PE Coach: Mr Cumberworth


ICT Technician: Mr Dwyer


Site Manager: Mr Chamberlain

Assistant Site Manager: Mrs Vale

Cleaning team:

L Robinson

D Sharp

S Stone

Lunchtime supervisors

J Brookes

R Folwell

L Goldsmith

C Mawby

R Smith

G Worrall