Water Leys

Primary School

School Clubs

Breakfast Club


Our Breakfast Club is run by some of our wonderful staff and is open from 7.30am to 8.30am.


The charge is £3.00 from 7.30am and £1.50 from 8.00am and breakfast is included in the price.


You are able to just turn up - enter by the steps outside Burleigh Hall but if you want to make a permanent booking, please contact the office.


During Breakfast Club, there are opportunities for the children to do quiet activities inside, play outside or join the adult led activities.     

After School Clubs

From our recent parent and carer survey (April 2022),  a clear priority for all was  expanding the number of clubs. There were also a number of requests to have a wider variety of activities to enable your children's talents to really shine through.

At Water Leys, in the term following on from our survey (summer 2022) we managed to run no fewer than 11 different  after school clubs.

At the time of writing, these cater for 188 of our children (just under 50% of all pupils). Pupils in receipt of the Pupil Premium grant and pupils with SEND have been encouraged and supported to attend. This includes the provision of 1:1 support and additional help with funding where needed.


These clubs include:

FS & Year 1 Multi Skills Club

Year 1&2 Art Club

Year 1&2 Dance Club (4 weeks) followed by Year 3,4,5&6 (5 weeks)

Year 1,2 and 3 Gardening Club

Year 3&4 Art

Year 3&4 Football Club

Year 3&4 Board Games Club

Year 3,4,5&6 Drama Club

Year 4&5 Cooking Club (4  weeks) followed by Year 2&3 (5 weeks).

Year 5&6 Football Club

Year 5&6 Basketball Club
In addition, we also offer sports lunchtime clubs with a coach for Years 3,4, 5 and 6 and a football lunchtime club for Year 6 over 2 lunchtimes a week!