Water Leys

Primary School


The topics we cover in geography are:


Countries of the World (Autumn 1)

Throughout this topic we learn to identify the continents and countries located within them on a map, find out about key geographical features of each continent, locate major capital cities, identify both physical and human features and understand about similarities and difference.


Village Settlers  (Spring 1)

This topic allows us to investigate what early settlements looked like, why particular areas/sites were chosen by early settlers and how we can identify a place by its name.

It also gives us the opportunity to look at/use a variety of maps and begin to identify what certain symbols represent.


Italy Today (Summer 1)

This case study allows us to discover where in the world Italy is located and identify the physical geography of the country.

The children will know how volcanoes erupt and discover about the destruction of Pompeii.  Together we will investigate some of the famous cities, landmarks and learn about the culture.