Water Leys

Primary School


A picture of some of the fantastic Autumnal maths learning going on in FS at the moment.  How many different ways can you see maths being used here? Even our very littlest are given the chance to think and develop as mathematicians.


Curriculum Intent

Our vision is that all our children see themselves as mathematicians. We aim for them to be “bendy” mathematicians, enjoying playing with number and pattern, seeing connections and calculating with efficiency and understanding.



Progression Map

Where we’re coming from. Where we’re going to




We think the White Rose scheme of work helps our children grow in their mathematical understanding – that’s why we have chosen it as a school. Here are the plans for each year group if you would like to see what your children are learning.




Calculation Policy

If you want to see how we teach maths at Water Leys, you might find this document useful. We call it a “Calculation policy” and it goes through how adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing is taught to the little ones right up to the not-so-little ones. Parents have found this useful when we all find ourselves uttering the words, “That’s not how I did it at school!”