Water Leys

Primary School

Year 3

Homework in Key Stage 2

Each week, Pupils will be set a weekly activity in the :

  • CGP English Comprehension
  • CGP English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book
  • CGP Maths Targeted question book


This year, we have had to make some changes to our homework processes as part of our Risk Assessment to help protect everyone. These changes are:

  • Homework packets including CGP books are to STAY at home.
  • Homework tasks will be sent out by Weduc on the day your child has PE (this is the teacher’s time allocated for planning and preparation). They will also be posted on this page.
  • Homework will not be collected in, nor should it be sent electronically. Instead parents will mark the work at home using the answers at the back of the book (answers to the reading will be provided weekly). 
  • Each week as part of the class’ learning timetable, teachers will lead a homework feedback session. In this session, teachers will select a couple of the questions from the homework tasks to share on the visualizer to discuss with the class. Please encourage your child to share questions that they found difficult to look at as part of this session.  This will also be a good opportunity to clarify new/challenging vocabulary encountered as part of the reading comprehension.


In addition to these activities, pupils should continue to read to an adult regularly, use Times Tables Rockstars and Reading Eggs to support their learning.

Year 3 Homework 26.10.21

Year 3 Homework Tuesday 5th October

Year 3 Homework Tuesday 28th September

Year 3 Homework Tuesday 21st September

Year 3 Homework - Tuesday 14th September 2021

Year 3 Homework 07.09.21