Water Leys

Primary School


Our ambition for all pupils in Religious Education at Water Leys is that our children will become ‘R.E literate’ and develop their understanding and curiosity about different world religions and beliefs. Children are given the understanding they need to explore their beliefs and opinions whilst accepting that different viewpoints are valid and worthwhile. Our aim is to develop confidence for expression and tolerance of others’ in society.  


At Water Leys Primary School, we teach R.E using the 2021 Leicestershire Locally Agreed Syllabus. Whilst the units of work we have planned have been designed to teach our children a breadth religions and worldviews, we have provided opportunities to build upon prior learning, leading to a depth of knowledge. We planned our coverage with our local context in mind, ensuring it represents the diversity of our school.  


Our R.E curriculum has been carefully sequenced so that the vocabulary and key concepts we want our children to learn develop progressively as children move along their curriculum journey from term to term and from year to year. This enables our pupils to develop an aptitude for dialogue concerning religions, world views and communities. We want to give our pupils the knowledge and understanding they need to express their own ideas, values and identities.  


At Water Leys, teachers plan R.E by first considering the ‘WHAT’ we want our pupils to learn by using our Water Leys ‘ROCKS’. We then decide the most appropriate method to teach that curriculum content so that it will be memorable and learning will stick!  


The range of teaching approaches we use in R.E will include the use of narrative (stories) to help embed abstract concepts and ideas, first-hand experiences through meeting people from different religions, studying religious objects and learning from religious art work. 

Whole School Curriculum Map R.E.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Being Special: Where do we belong?

Why is Christmas special for Christians?

Why is the word ‘God’ so important to Christians?

Why is Easter special for Christians?

Which places are special and why?

Which stories are special and why?

Year 1


Our Wonderful World

Why do Christians give gifts at Christmas?

Special Books

What did Jesus teach us?

What do Hindus celebrate?

What do Muslims celebrate?

Year 2

Leaders and Teachers

Christmas Celebrations

Spirited Art

Why is the Torah special?

Christian Rites of Passage

What do Sikhs believe?

Year 3

Signs and Symbols


What do we know about Jesus?

Jewish Celebrations

What is the Bible?

Islamic Rites of Passage

Year 4

Sikh Rites of Passage

Christmas Journeys

Hindus Home and Mandir

Why is Easter important?

Spirited Art

Identity and Belonging

Year 5

Where did the Christian Bible Come from?

Why is Muhammad important to Muslims?

Jewish Worship and Community

Spirted Art

Stories of Christianity

Belief in our Community

Year 6

Stories of Hinduism

What is a Church?

What is the Qur’an?

Expressing Faith through the Arts

Sikh Worship and the Community

What happens when we die?