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Year 5 Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 and a huge "Well done!" on your great efforts over the past 3 weeks. Keep going-you are all doing so well! This week, we are looking forwards to launching our use of Google Classroom providing us all with some face to face contact. This week we will lead a meet and greet where we teach the children how to use the main functions of the site.


Thank you again for all of the photographs, screenshots and work that you have sent in this week. we really do enjoy seeing how you have been getting on at home and hearing about the things you are doing during the lockdown. Don't forget to include your child's name in the subject line of the email so we know who the work belongs to.


Remember, you don’t need to worry if you’ve not got a printer: you can take screen shots, ‘draw’ directly

on the iPad/tablet, or use a camera phone to take and send photos of work completed on screen or on paper.


Below you will find the link to this week's Remote Learning Plan.  We hope that you found the changes made last week clearer and easier to follow. We received lots of positive feedback from the children about the Maths, which is good to hear.


Try to complete as many of the lessons as you can and try to do them on the days that they are set. The work that needs to be emailed into the class teacher is made clear on the plan. If you are finding a lesson tricky or struggling to fit in all of your remote learning, please email your class teacher and we will try to help. Remember the lessons are progressive and build on prior learning so selecting lessons out of sequence may confuse and disengage your child.


For those of you with children who have SEND, we accept that your child may find some of the remote learning difficult. We are in the process of putting together a more personalised plan to support your child. BBC Bitesize are also offering support for parents and pupils at Parents' Toolkit: SEND - BBC Bitesize.


When working, make sure that you are taking regular breaks and despite the winter weather, make sure that you get some fresh air and exercise when it is safe to do so.  Our PE page has lots of links to activities that you can do at home.  Find these at: PE | Water Leys Primary School


If you are finding that you child requires additional learning activities, try some of the following:

Home - BBC Bitesize - Learning activities across the curriculum

Remote lessons for key stage 2 | STEM - Remote learning Science lessons

HomePage - FREE help & support for Key Stage 2 Maths ( - Maths tutorial videos and worksheets

KS2 - Twinkl Go - Tablet friendly activities for pupils in KS2 across the curriculum

All Resources | Maths Hub | Third Space Learning - Worked examples of Maths methods and additional worksheets and maths activities.


We hope that you are all keeping safe and look forward to hearing from you throughout the week.

Contact us at:

Mr Sellers (Class 11) at  

Miss Perry (Class 12) at

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