Water Leys

Primary School


Grounding techniques

A grounding technique is a coping strategy for managing intense feelings and emotions. These techniques help to ‘ground’ us, which means they help us to notice the present moment we are in.

When we focus on our present moment this can reduce the intensity of the emotions and feelings we might be having. We focus less intensely on the future or on the past.

Each person is unique and will find different techniques that they like.

Discuss the suggestions with your child and practise the ones that they like. It is best to practise these techniques when your child is calm and practise them regularly. If the techniques have been regularly practised, then your child is more likely to remember them and use them when they feel intense emotions.

Mind, Physical and Soothing Strategies

Some techniques help because they ‘bring us up’ when our mood is low (upregulation). Other techniques help because they ‘bring us down’ or calm us when our mood is high, agitated or restless (downregulation).

Physical sensation strategies

Soothing strategies

Supporting your child with school anxiety and refusal

If your child is refusing to go to school, or is feeling anxious, please read the information in this document from Young Minds with advice to help you support your child and work with the school.