School Improvement

Our school goal is to create a positive learning environment in which everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential; being responsible, independent, aspirational and happy.

At Water Leys we are working to improve various aspects of teaching and learning.  This year the following are a particular focus for us:

  • We are working hard to ensure that all groups of children of all abilities make good progress.
  • We want to ensure all teaching is good or better.
  • We are concentrating on improving writing across the curriculum and ensuring children always produce the best quality writing they can.
  • We are working hard to implement the new National Curriculum and use new assessment systems to track the progress of our children.

The children are very keen on developing our outdoor spaces at Water Leys.  In particular, the Key Stage 2 children wanted to see their playground develop which has now been completed with our new KS2 playground which was implemented this past summer.