School Improvement

Our school goal is to create a positive learning environment in which everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential; being responsible, independent, aspirational and happy.

At Water Leys, we are always working to improve various aspects of teaching and learning.  This year, our main improvement priorities are:

2017/18 Core Targets

Key Area 1: To improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment

  1. Assessment – To develop, introduce and embed a whole school testing system that will integrate into the school’s current assessment arrangements.
  2. Maths – To improve the teaching of mathematics across the school ensuring a rapid improvement in pupils fluency skills.
  3. Teaching and learning – continue to develop Assessment for Learning across the school to ensure that pupils are appropriately challenged and supported.
  4. Reading for pleasure – Look at ways of further developing and promoting this across the school.
  5. To ensure that pupils are given the opportunity to develop reading, writing, maths and communication skills in all areas of the curriculum.
  6. To further develop parental engagement sessions to develop their confidence in supporting their child at home.
  7. To consider the implications of the Y4 multiplication tables test to be introduced in 2019. How are we ensuring that pupils are fully prepared for this?


Key Area 2: To improve pupil outcomes by raising standards and improving progress

  1. To maintain the percentage of pupils passing the year 1 Phonics test to ensure that this is at least in line with National.
  2. To ensure that the high standards at key Stage 1 are maintained for all groups.
  3. To rapidly accelerate progress and attainment of all groups in Key Stage 2 to ensure that the percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, writing, maths and GPS are in line with those nationally.
  4. To ensure that the percentage of pupils exceeding the expected standards in KS2 increases from 2017 towards National.
  5. To narrow the progress and achievement gaps for disadvantaged pupils.
  6. To ensure that SEND pupils continue to meet their personalised targets and that progress gaps between SEND pupils and non-SEND pupils narrow.


Key Area 3: To develop the leadership and management of the school

  1. To ensure that the new testing system is used to accurately track the detailed progress of pupils and that half-termly pupil progress meetings rigorously hold teachers to account for the progress of individual pupils and groups of pupils throughout the school.
  2. To improve and increase parental engagement opportunities for parents through maths calculation methods and reciprocal reading sessions for all year groups.
  3. To review the school’s curriculum to ensure that it remains broad and balanced, allowing pupils to acquire knowledge and develop subject specific skills.
  4. To continue to review the effectiveness of the governing body, developing a new approach to strategic planning.


Key Area 4: To improve the personal development, behaviour and welfare of pupils

  1. To continue to develop pupils’ understanding of British Values, particularly through off site visits, visitors to school, the school council and links with other schools.
  2. To further develop pupils’ confidence, resilience and positive attitudes towards their learning through the development of a growth mindset.
  3. Attendance – to continue to closely monitor attendance of all groups and to narrow the gaps in attendance between pupil premium and non-pupil premium pupils.
  4. Sports Premium – To further increase the number of pupils participating in school clubs, intra-school and inter-school competitions. Work towards attaining the PE/Active Mark.
  5. To ensure that pupils develop a good understanding of how to keep themselves healthy. They will have a good understanding of healthy relationships and can confidently explain how to stay safe online and the dangers of inappropriate use of mobile technology and social networking sites.


Key Area 5: Early Years

  1. To accelerate progress of all groups to ensure that the percentage of pupils making a good level of development is in line with national figures.
  2. To accelerate the physical development of children in all groups to ensure that it is line with local and national levels.
  3. To ensure that all pupils are reading for pleasure during their Reception year and have an avid interest in reading and the joy of books.
  4. To enhance the outdoor learning area to ensure that it provides provision for literacy and maths development.
  5. To develop closer links with Poplars Pre-School, developing common assessment procedures and moderation.