The Internet is good! Whether it is getting information about ancient myths and legends, walking next to the pyramids using google earth or simply not having to leave the house to do your shopping!. The internet is a magnificent tool and a valuable resource whether this is at school or at home.

With the internet being such a useful resource we must therefore make learning how to use it safely compulsory when educating children.

A constant string of communication from all parties involved is vital when keeping children safe online, with that in mind we have created this page in order to display the message we give to the children here at Water Leys and hope you find it useful. However if you do have any questions at all feel free to come and ask!

What to do if I have a concern?

There are various ways that activity on the internet can be reported, whether this being harassment from another person or something you have stumbled upon that you don’t think you should have, the important thing is to report it so that someone is aware and it can be dealt with.

For children, our recommendation is that the first person that should be contacted is a parent or trusted adult.  This way if you feel that you may be on something you shouldn’t be they can ensure you are safely directed away from it.


Options for contact about something on the internet for adults and children:

  • Talk to a teacher or member of staff who will be able to point you in the right direction in order to find out why something has happened and what can be done next.
  • CEOP – Child Explotation and Online Protection–  A great resource for parents and schools which work alongside the police in order to keep children safe online.
  • Call 101 in order to talk to the police who are more than happy to talk you through any concerns you have and are in a great position to act if needed

Rememberthe important thing is to tell somebody if your instinct is telling you something isn’t right. You might not be the first person to report somebody’s actions and a small incident to you might form part of a bigger picture to the authorities.

Useful Links

ThinkUKnow – a sub-section of CEOP with amazing resources for parents.

Internet Matters – another great source of information and “how to…” guides for parents.

NSPCC – online safety information for parents from the NSPCC.

Kidsmart – ran by Childnet and a brilliant resource for online safety material for children.

Common Sense Media – for information about game and film ratings.

Alan Mackenzie – an e-safety adviser with a good quality digital newsletter for parents.