Our Curriculum


At Water Leys we follow a broad, balanced and inspiring curriculum which incorporates the National Curriculum and prepares our children for the next stage of their education.

Most of our curriculum is taught through cross curricular topics with English and Maths skills running throughout.

We further enhance our curriculum with many extra-curriculum opportunities including Forest school, cookery classes and a range of sporting activities where the children can develop and practise the skills learnt through the curriculum in a fun and creative way.


Click below to see which parts of the curriculum are covered in each term.

Autumn                                                                         Spring                                                  Summer

Foundation                                                               Foundation                                          Foundation


Year 1                                                                            Year 1                                                       Year 1


Year 2                                                                           Year 2                                                      Year 2


Year 3                                                                           Year 3                                                      Year 3


Year 4                                                                           Year 4                                                      Year 4


Year 5                                                                          Year 5                                                       Year 5


Year 6                                                                         Year 6                                                       Year 6



For our younger children in particular (primarily FS2 and Year 1), daily teaching of phonics is the key strategy we teach to enable the children to tackle unfamiliar words, following the DfES Letters and Sounds programme.

FS2 and Year 1 hold parent phonic workshops to share ideas of how to support your child at home.  Also visit http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/ for details of how you can support your child at home.

All Year 1 pupils nationally have a phonic screening check in June to assess their ability to use their phonic skills to read a collection of 40 words (some real words and some ‘alien’ words).

We are very proud of our 2016-2017 phonic results:

Water Leys: 85.0%

Leicestershire: 83.5%                                       

National: 82.5%


Our aim is for all children to leave Water Leys with good reading skills and with a love of reading.  Children read regularly across the curriculum and either read 1:1 or in a guided group with an adult at least once a week.

Reciprocal reading is becoming more embedded throughout the school and children further develop their reading comprehension through regular reading journal and comprehension work.

Our school reading scheme has a large selection of books including Rigby Star, Usborne Young Readers and Oxford Reading Tree.


The best readers tend to be those children who read regularly at home.  To support home reading we reward the children as follows:

  • All children who read at least 4 times a week are given a certificate.
  • There is a weekly competition to see which class has the most pupils who read at least 4 times a week at home and the winning class gets awarded the reading trophy.
  • Any class where every member of the class reads 4 times at home in a week gets an extra playtime.

Parents often ask: ‘What counts as home reading?’

Answer: ANYTHING!  School books, home books, library books, comics, magazines, instructions to make something etc, etc!  Remember our aim is to get children to love reading, so find something they are interested in, encourage and praise them.

Please remember to record home reading in your child’s home school diary so we can reward home reading.


Click on the leaflets below to see the Reading, Writing and Mathematics expectations for each year group.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6